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Some of us are born with that confidence.  It’s rare but sometimes there are those select few of us that never struggle with embracing our own inner and outer beauty. That are comfortable in their skin.

If you are like me, you are not one of those women. I spent most of my school years being called names because of my height. A height that was a head taller than everyone else my age so naturally, I was “bigger”. It wasn’t until my late twenties that I really started to embrace my height. I started to really embrace the curves of my own body no matter if I had an extra bit of weight on it. Sure, I could lose some weight. Sure it would be nice if I didn’t feel like a giant compared to my female friends because of my 5’11” height.  Now I look in the mirror and am able to be ok with who I am looking at. Whether I am dolled up, or just brushing my teeth in the morning with a messy bun on my head in an oversized t-shirt.

I know that I am not alone in this journey of self-love. Knowing Alanna for so many years, I have been able to watch her journey from a close seat.  She has this incredible laugh that I cannot help but be filled with joy when we tell each other stupid jokes.

So imagine my happiness when Alanna received her boudoir photographs and said she finally saw herself in the way everyone else saw her. She saw a beautiful, bohemian, adventurous woman who’s  spirit was finally visible because she was comfortable in her own skin. She loved her own smile.  She saw the same woman we all saw and it gave me such a feeling of satisfaction I don’t think any words I could say can really convey that.  As her journey to finding herself and her self-love evolved, not only did she start loving who she saw in the mirror, but she was loving who she was becoming as well. We all go through periods of evolution. Her evolution was taking her to a destination that she was always meant to be – becoming a confident, free-spirited woman with a passionate love of life.  This boudoir photography session was so authentically her. Hair and makeup to reflect her day to day look, throwing on some Free People bohemian pieces that reflect her style, and that’s all that was needed.

Self-love is truly what makes or breaks us. 

Through this journey, she has become a woman that could confidently change the entire direction of her life. Alanna has made a career as a talented hair and makeup artist. Hair and make-up were working well for her, but it wasn’t speaking to her soul. She knew deep inside it wasn’t what made her get up in the morning with excitement for life. That’s why last month she got in her car with her dog and drove from California to Alaska to start a new job teaching outdoor adventures to travelers.  Leaving the Bay Area to live minimalistic in the mountains so that she could really get the know herself as a person. She followed her heart which I know took so much courage, which came from a place of self-love that told her she deserved to follow such a dream.

To be a part of her journey means the world to me. To watch her grow from an 18 year old straight out of high school unsure of what direction to go, into this amazing woman comfortable in her own skin and proud of her journey. She put her insecurities aside, embraced her sexuality and beauty, and let me create art.  The ability to document her evolution, well what a damn gift that is. 

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We are bombarded daily with imagery of sexy women. Different outfits. Makeup. Hair. Fake lashes. 6 inch heels.  Thigh highs. Airbrushing. Corsets.

So when it comes to booking your intimate boudoir session… you clearly should go for what the lingerie store tells you to do, correct?


What makes you feel sexy, beautiful woman reading this? Do you feel fabulous in those thigh highs? Then wear them. Do you feel awkward and uncomfortable in them – lose them. Heels don’t make the woman – the woman makes the heels.

The point of boudoir and glamour photography is to document the best version of ourselves.  So when picking up outfits for your boudoir photography session, remember to pick up pieces that make you feel sexiest in your skin. Forget the ideas that Maxim are giving you. Look in your closet. What do you love wearing? What makes you feel sexy to slip yourself into?

There are no rules when it comes to loving ourselves. There are no rules in what to wear to make yourself feel sexy.

Boots or heels.
Fake lashes or natural.
Perfect pin-up hair or messy loose curls.
Smokey eye or nude.
Lush red lipstick or nothing more than lip balm.

You are the creator of your own identity. Whether boudoir is something you are considering for your lover, or just for yourself. Remember that this is a representation of who you are. This is the best possible version of yourself. Remember, that by letting your inner self truly shine, we will truly be able to explore the phenomenon that everyone keeps talking about – self love.  And when  you love yourself unapologetically, you give other people in your life permission to do the same.

Never apologize. Never let the world tell you how to be sexy. 

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Engagement sessions aren’t for everyone. That’s why when J came to me to exchange her engagement session for an intimate San Francisco boudoir session as a gift to her soon to be husband I happily obliged.  I still got to hang out with my beautiful bride before her wedding day. Chit chat about everything from makeup, to how painful squats are, to big wedding plans.

It was the ultimate girl time! Playing dress up and taking pretty photos. I am sure J’s husband was ecstatic when he opened these up the morning of their wedding day.

J sent me over this wonderful little blurb about her experience. It warms my heart each time one of my beautiful babe clients refers to me as a friend.  Heart explosions!

Instead of an engagement session, I chose to surprise my fiancé with boudoir shots as a groom’s gift.  I was very nervous, at first, and was sure that I would hate most of the photos. When Heather arrived at the studio, however, she was so comforting, as usual; she really made me feel at ease. We breezed through multiple outfit changes and backgrounds, and before I knew it, I had forgotten about my nerves. It was like hanging out with a friend! The biggest surprise, though, was when I received the photos. I am my worst critic, but I really loved how she made me look in the photos.  I love them all and so does my husband!

Thank you so much darling for letting me share some of your sexy photos! Notice those killer heels? They are actually her wedding heels. What a sexy little detail.

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Let me tell you my favorite thing about Nikki during her San Francisco Boudoir session.

Her amazing confidence. It’s something that is so rare to see. She would speak about how she will always be a ‘big girl” but was more happy with her body now then she ever has been. Before her marriage she was smaller, she explained. Always dieting and worrying about fitting into a perfect size. Telling herself one day she would have the body to have some sexy photos taken.

It took her until 30, but she finally looked in the mirror and said “I am good enough now.”

So we met at this beautiful, vintage hotel room in San Francisco. With a talented make-up and hair artist, simple and sexy attire, and my camera, I am so happy to help Nikki celebrate her love of herself. She is a plus size babe who isn’t afraid to call herself just that. And it helps that she is absolutely fantastic in front of the camera.

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Boudoir photography is one of the greatest gifts I can give someone.

I believe that out happiness truly starts from how we feel about ourselves. Through boudoir photography we can truly see ourselves through the world’s eyes. We can see the beauty that other people see! Through our own eyes we pick ourselves a part – it’s like a whole other world.

I was so lucky to be able to give the gift of boudoir to my beautiful friend, Stacey. Through the last few years I have had my highs and lows, and Stacey was always there for me. Constantly pushing me to look at things in a positive light. So when Stacey came to me and asked for a boudoir shoot to celebrate all of her progress from working out, I was so excited. For her Walnut Creek Boudoir session, we brought in Danika to do some sultry hair and make-up to make this a full on fashion bombshell shoot!

Delivering these photos to her and seeing her reaction was so priceless. She saw the fruits of her labor! All the squats. All the lunges. The jumping jacks. Moving that coffee table every morning for her at-home work outs had paid off and she could finally see documentation of that. Also, it made a pretty nice secret gift to her husband as well. Double benefits!


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I have known Nicole since the 5th grade. Time flies and through all the changes in our lives we have always stayed connected in some way.

So to flash forward to us both being 30, her getting married and me being a professional photographer, all the pieces fell into place for me to document the best gift for her husband to be. And not only a gift to him, but after she saw the images her feeling of self confidence for when she would be trading in her sexy garments for a beautiful white wedding gown to walk down the aisle to her husband.

She was so kind to let me share these three images with you. The makeup and hair was stellar thanks for my beautiful blonde bombshell Ariel Darling.

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