boudoir photographer

Fear used to be my go-to. Follow the rules. The rules were that you had to look a certain way. You had to dress a certain way. Sexy was only acceptable in what you saw on the cover of Cosmo.

Then it came to me. That was all crap.

Hello, my name is Heather. I am 5'10", a curvy size 18, have an askew tooth and a lot of junk in the trunk. And I am a bombshell. Just like you.

The day I realized this because I finally saw myself through someone else's eyes was one of the most significant days of my life. After my own boudoir experience I truly was able to open my eyes to what I had been missing my whole life - love for myself.

I truly believe that being happy in our lives and relationships comes from the strong roots of self love.

I've been photographing women and doing plus size modeling for over 10 years now. Every boudoir photography session has brought me every single body type you can think of. I have photographed them for so many different reasons - a reward from reaching a work out goal, a gift for a boyfriend or husband, modeling portfolio work. But in the end it's truly the most powerful gift she can give herself.

The overwhelming feeling of joy I get when a women writes me back crying because she saw how beautiful she truly was is absolutely freakin' incredible.

You are incredible. You are a bombshell. Let me show you how very one of a kind, amazing you are.




"When Heather showed me MY pictures I was shocked excited and proud of myself! I don't think I have ever felt as beautiful and sexy as I do every time I look at those photos ! They are now a reminder to me not only that I can look like that but that I DO look like that !"



"Right off the bat Heather’s words of advice, from both behind the camera and in front of, gave me this sense of ease. Her sense of self inspired me to become confident and one sassy pep talk later I was learning how to pose in flattering positions, laughing at her funny jokes and rediscovering my own self confidence."


"I whole heartedly believe it boosted my confidence.!"